Druskininkai is famous for its beautiful, clean nature, undeniably effective treatment services, museums, historical sites, architectural monuments and leisure activities.


Here are created ideal conditions for active rest - travel by foot, bike or water. The city attracts many vacationers, not only from Lithuania but also from other countries. City has active cultural, educational and other activities. Druskininkai has become both a place for treatment using the salt springs, mud, kumis, and recreation - concerts, life performances, exhibitions, meetings and evening shows. The city is adorned with many sculptures.


The town has nine sanatoriums, three temples, cemetery, many recreation centers, a public library, a clinic, Druskininkai central hospital, post office, parks, a water park, an indoor ski slope which operates all year round. Druskininkai area has no large industrial facilities so air and water are extremely clean. The main resort property - mineral water springs and curative mud which is effectively used to treat joints, spine, breathing, heart and circulatory, neurological and other diseases.

Druskininkai offers a wealth of leisure activities, you just have to know what you really want. Whether to revitalize the soul, or to regain health – in Druskininkai resort  you will get everything you could possibly need.